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Well how about that?

It's been a while hasn't it?

I always said "if I wasn't working then I'd be able to write so many patterns and sort my blog out and everything!" and now we are all stuck inside, so I really have no excuse! Hopefully my little blog here will be able to bring a little bit of lightness and sunshine to your I have plenty of designs and thoughts and patterns that I have come up with and been scribbling on backs of envelopes and such that I just need to write up and photograph and things, so look forward to those over the next few weeks/months/however long we end up in lock down for!

I'm also going to be hosting weekly knit and natter sessions on Zoom, so if you want to join me on that just send me a message on my Facebook page!

And the final little fun thingy that I'm going to be setting up is online crochet workshops! The first couple that are (hopefully) live on the site are just some simple beginner crochet ones, but I will be doing some more advanced crochet techniques later on too! so keep your eyes open for those!

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