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Happy Hounds Crochet Along - Springer Spaniel

Here is the first dog breed of the happy hounds crochet along! I'd love for you to join me!


The English Springer spaniel was originally bred to "spring" game birds during a hunt and they would also retrieve after the shoot. Known for their springy personality they make excellent active family pets and are often used as sniffer dogs by many different organisations.

This week there are 3 colours to choose from:

To get to the graph you would like to make just click on the colour above!

I can just imagine this little lady's whole body wiggling as she tries to contain that incredible enthusiasm springers have for, well, for everything!


Click here to head to the Thoughts From a Doe Crochet Along Facebook Group to share your progress and join our little community! All of the files will be uploaded into the Facebook group too!

Share your progress using the hashtag #happyhoundscrochetalong

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