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Happy Hounds Crochet Along - Dachshund

Here is the penultimate dog breed of the happy hounds crochet along!


The dachshund is a short-legged breed that was originally bred to hunt badgers, in fact the name dachshund means badger dog. In the past, the breed was considerably larger and with longer legs, but the feisty character still remains in the descendants of those strong-willed hunting dogs. The dachshund is now one of the most popular dog breeds, particularly in urban areas where people require smaller dogs as they have less space. The Dachshund is definitely a big dog in a small package!

There are 4 colours for this week:

To get to the graph you would like to make just click on the colour above.

I think this one might just be my favourite design of the whole blanket! I just love how this guy turned out!


Click here to head to the Thoughts From a Doe Crochet Along Facebook Group to share your progress and join our little community! All of the files will be uploaded into the Facebook group too!

Share your progress using the hashtag #happyhoundscrochetalong

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