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Happy Hounds Crochet Along - Chihuahua

Here is the first dog breed of the happy hounds crochet along! I'd love for you to join me!


The tiniest of the dog breeds, the chihuahua is an ancient breed. The Aztecs used them as companion dogs and the descendants of those ancient dogs now hang out in the handbags of celebrities! The chihuahua comes in both short and long-haired varieties and a lot of different colour variations too! I chose to design a cream chihuahua with both long and short hair, then I created a chocolate and tan design, which is my favourite! And the last one is a cute little black and white! obviously I had to portray the tiny-ness of these guys through the design, so there is quite a bit more background space on this weeks square!

To get to the graph you would like to make just click on the colour above.

Ah! This little puppy turned out so adorable! I just love how gorgeous the colours look!


Click here to head to the Thoughts From a Doe Crochet Along Facebook Group to share your progress and join our little community! All of the files will be uploaded into the Facebook group too!

Share your progress using the hashtag #happyhoundscrochetalong

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