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Happy Hounds Crochet Along - Border Collie

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Here is the first dog breed of the happy hounds crochet along! I'd love for you to join me!


So as he was the inspiration for this entire crochet-along, I thought we should start with Alfie's breed! The border collie!

This breed was developed in the Scottish Borders as a herding dog. Now they are popular for their intelligence and can be found excelling across many dog sports from agility to flyball, heelwork to obedience. Border collies come in a wide range of colours with all sorts of different markings, I chose the common black and white, tri colour (like Alfie), red and white and blue merle. Before I got Alfie I had fallen in love with the merle colouration, but I am very glad that I went for personality over colour!

There are 4 different graphs for this week:

To get to the graph you would like to make just click on the colour above to head to the etsy shop and get crafting!

You can also purchase a bundle of all 4 border collies here

So take your pick! or make all 4! Unfortunately my yarn order hasn't arrive quite yet! but as soon as it is here I will catch up (with my own crochet along!)


Click here to head to the Thoughts From a Doe Crochet Along Facebook Group to share your progress and join our little community! All of the files will be uploaded into the Facebook group too!

You can purchase a tutorial walking you through how to complete the mini corner to corner stitch, each of the graph and instructions for the joining and how to do the candy cane border too! This is available on Etsy and Ravelry

You can also purchase the complete bundle of over 30 graphs featuring 10 different dog breeds! This is available on Esty and Ravelry

Share your progress using the hashtag #happyhoundscrochetalong

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