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Find your own Adventure Blanket

I designed this blanket a long while ago, last year in fact! but never had the time, or really the inclination to make it. I loved the design, but I just didn't have a reason to sit and create the actual blanket! And now we are stuck in lockdown. I have way too much time on my hands and I miss my nephews and little tiny niece a lot! so what better way to tell them that I love them than making a blanket and letting them know that while we might not be able to come see them for crazy adventures right now, we will as soon as we can! And, in the meantime, they will just have to find their own adventures!

If you would like to make a "find your own adventure" blanket then the pattern is available on my Ravelry store. The pattern includes the graph, because that's how I like to crochet corner to corner blankets, but also the written instructions for both corner to corner and single crochet!

The blanket is made up of yarn I happened to have in my stash, there's quite an assortment of double knit acrylics in there! some seems to be thicker than others - probably because it's all from different brands, so there's a little bit of distortion in the blanket because of that! But using up a load of my stash has been worth it! You might also notice the quite obvious switch in shades of green? Well, I underestimated how much I would need, by quite a long shot! Turns out lockdown brain had got to me and my maths wasn't up to standard! Oh well, I managed to dig out another shade of green and it works! I mean, it would look a whole lot better being entirely that nice bright grass green, but hey ho!

I really love designing and making these corner to corner blankets. There's just something so satisfying about seeing a design you have created change from pixels on a screen to a real-life blanket in front of you. Looking at the font on the screen I was a little worried that it would turn out too blocky in the blanket, but I absolutely love how it turned out!

I absolutely love how this random rainbow yarn I found hidden away turned out for the tittle (and yes, that is what the dot above an i is called!)

So the blanket is now off to the post office with an adorable little letter to spread a bit of love and be used for snuggles and building dens! Keep your eye out for my future designs! this blankets only fueled my love for corner to corner blankets!

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