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The Happy Hounds Crochet Along 2018

The Happy Hounds CAL: Image

The Happy Hounds CAL was inspired by my gorgeous border collie, Alfie.  I could never find any doggy merchandise with his exact, tri colour markings, so I decided to graph him up and then fell down a rabbit hole of making more and more puppy dogs! 

I designed 10 dog breeds in total, each with at least 2 different colour variations, some with 4!

As the crochet along has now finished the patterns are no longer available in the "Thoughts From a Doe Crochet Alongs" facebook group (but do check it out for our most recent CAL) - you can however purchase each of the dog breeds individually or as a bundle on Ravelry or Etsy

The Happy Hounds CAL: Text

How To Crochet the Happy Hounds Blanket

I also created a guide to creating the exact happy hounds blanket that I made, including a photo tutorial of how to do the mini corner to corner crochet stitch!

The Happy Hounds CAL: Image
The Happy Hounds CAL: Pro Gallery
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