About Thoughts From A Doe

Hi! I’m Louise. I started crocheting simple granny squares 5 years ago after finding one of my great granny’s old crochet hooks and I basically never put it down! I still love making blankets out of granny squares, but I prefer using them as pixels to make a picture! I like to tie in my love of animals into my designs and create not only blanket patterns, but amigurumi and clothing patterns too! 

Another of my passions is maths and science so sometimes I have a crazy idea of how I might be able to display complicated data and theories through yarn! The design and testing process for these ideas tends to take a bit longer than the adorable animals, but it makes it all the more rewarding to create them!

You can find most of my designs here on this blog. From giant amigurumi octopus patterns to pixel granny square blankets and even a blanket explaining the Fibonacci spiral, I have a rather wide range of things I like to create and whenever inspiration hits for something new I just have to share the "how-to" by writing up the pattern!